Monday, January 10, 2011

Face Painting...

Yay!!! My Derivian Face Painting Kit for Beginners arrived today!!

Ok, so I need to start this post by pointing out a few things:

1. I read 3 pages in the book lol

2. I always rush ahead on things and don't take my time or do them properly :0S

3. Instead of being sensible and waiting for Loo to have a nap I adopted an " I can do it, this will be fun" attitude - resulting in Loo spilling the water, dipping fingers in paint etc etc

4. I had no-one here to encourage me otherwise

5. My kids were bugging the crap out of me to get started

6. I decided against doing anything out of the book - especially the "Starter" section

7. Naturally based on the above points - I bodged it up :o)

Here is the result of my half assed, not prepared, totally harrassed effort....

Not great.... but not terrible, certainly some sort of skill there (bahaha) that can be improved with appropriate time and preparation :o)

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