Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Painting, painting, painting!

Well I spent pretty much all of my day watching the news about the horrific QLD floods, texting back & forth with my bestie about the disaster & the news we were hearing & praying that the various people we know in the area were safe. Of course this meant a lot of "shhh mummy's trying to watch this", "just go and play", "wait mummy is just sending Joz a message" etc etc....

So when the neighbors girls came back at 2pm as requested by me earlier in the day (in my texting and news watching craze) it was time to start paying more attention to my kiddies and make good on the promises I made the day before. This resulted in me painting 6 sets of little nails - 1 x sparkly light blue, 3 x metallic blue & 2 x red. Also painting 5 little faces!!!

I practiced my sponging technique on my twins and slowly got better with our 3 visitors. Here is the bumble bee my little next door neighbor chose:
And the Rainbow Parrot her big sister chose:
And as repayment for letting me practice on her, she wanted to paint MY face....... being the good sport I am, I did:
Not a good enough sport to put a big picture of my mug on here though lol

It was a nice break from watching the devastation and feeling helpless while so many families are suffering across Australia right now. It's important to make the most of our very good situation here right now!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Face Painting...

Yay!!! My Derivian Face Painting Kit for Beginners arrived today!!

Ok, so I need to start this post by pointing out a few things:

1. I read 3 pages in the book lol

2. I always rush ahead on things and don't take my time or do them properly :0S

3. Instead of being sensible and waiting for Loo to have a nap I adopted an " I can do it, this will be fun" attitude - resulting in Loo spilling the water, dipping fingers in paint etc etc

4. I had no-one here to encourage me otherwise

5. My kids were bugging the crap out of me to get started

6. I decided against doing anything out of the book - especially the "Starter" section

7. Naturally based on the above points - I bodged it up :o)

Here is the result of my half assed, not prepared, totally harrassed effort....

Not great.... but not terrible, certainly some sort of skill there (bahaha) that can be improved with appropriate time and preparation :o)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Making the most of this weather..

We had big plans and wanted to make the most of this last week of Hubbys holidays.... But the weather is making it a little difficult. Not quite raining, not quite sunny, but windy.... just not real nice!

But yesterday afternoon we decided - what the heck - let's go fishing!!
It was the 1st time the girls had been
I'm embarrassed to say they've had their rods since their B'day last year!!
Glad we got to use them before the year was up :o)

The girls were very patient in the setup

But were very excited to get their hands on the rods!!

Loo discovered the upside of not owning a rod,
being able to sit and enjoy the bikkies.......
without having to share with her sissy's!

Boo caught her very 1st fish :o)

We were only there for a little over an hour before it started spitting on us,
and the girls were getting a little cold.
It was a fun and memorable hour or so
& made us feel like we were using the holiday time well :o)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Beautiful Start to the New Year :o)

We spent NYE at our next door neighbors house, my parents were invited and so the night was spent with family, new friends and people we hadn't met before. It was a fabulous night.

Mum and Dad took the kiddies home with them, so we headed into Mum's at about 10.30 New Years Day. We spent the day swimming, talking, relaxing and enjoying each others company. We enjoyed a lunch of fresh rolls, salad and chicken and topped it off with another dip in the pool before heading home.

Moo & Loo fell asleep on the way home and even though it was 3pm and a bit late for a nap, we put them in bed and got Boo to have one too. Hubby and I ended up falling asleep on the couch in the air-conditioned coolness and we all woke up at around 5pm... which would normally be a huge problem for me as the girls go to bed at 7pm. BUT instead we made the most of the sun still shining bright and hot, we took some nibblies and drinks out the back, set up the sprinkler and sandpit in the shade and enjoyed watching the girls play :o)

 Before we knew it 2 wonderful, fun-filled hours had passed and it was time to think about dinner... Hubby cooked some steak and snags on the BBQ whilst the kiddies played some more and I knocked up some salad and sides. We ate dinner out on the deck and enjoyed the last hour of sunlight. Moo, Boo & Loo wound down with a bath and then slept soundly..... not waking up til 8am, LOVELY!!!!

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