Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Painting, painting, painting!

Well I spent pretty much all of my day watching the news about the horrific QLD floods, texting back & forth with my bestie about the disaster & the news we were hearing & praying that the various people we know in the area were safe. Of course this meant a lot of "shhh mummy's trying to watch this", "just go and play", "wait mummy is just sending Joz a message" etc etc....

So when the neighbors girls came back at 2pm as requested by me earlier in the day (in my texting and news watching craze) it was time to start paying more attention to my kiddies and make good on the promises I made the day before. This resulted in me painting 6 sets of little nails - 1 x sparkly light blue, 3 x metallic blue & 2 x red. Also painting 5 little faces!!!

I practiced my sponging technique on my twins and slowly got better with our 3 visitors. Here is the bumble bee my little next door neighbor chose:
And the Rainbow Parrot her big sister chose:
And as repayment for letting me practice on her, she wanted to paint MY face....... being the good sport I am, I did:
Not a good enough sport to put a big picture of my mug on here though lol

It was a nice break from watching the devastation and feeling helpless while so many families are suffering across Australia right now. It's important to make the most of our very good situation here right now!

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