Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our final Christmas cutout...

Finally our Christmas cutout collection for 2010 is completed. Our last cutout - Santa's Nice List was started at my Besties house last night where we worked on it in fits of giggles into the late hours of the night while Loo was asleep in MissS's room, and Moo & Boo were asleep with MissE in her room, and MasterH did well to sleep through all the unusual noises we were all making :o)

This morning Hubby went and bought me some paint pens so that I could finish off the list..... after writing all the names in and decorated the title I thought I was finished......... but then had complaints on Facebook and had to add more names.

After adding a whole column of names, I thought the list looked better, was finished and happy with the result.... until it was pointed out that I spelled my nephew Mathew's name wrong so.....

I had to add a few more names AND I'm DONE!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Cut-out - No3, 4, 5 & 6

Can't believe I forgot to put the other cut-outs on here!!
Aussie Santa... yes he has 2 left feet lol!
 The Sleigh...
 and 2 white Boomers :o)
Just have to do Santa's Scroll - Naughty or Nice list and we're finished :o)

Uncle Jack's Formal...

We took Moo, Boo & Loo into King Edward Park to get pics of My Baby Brother with his mates for his Yr10 Formal. The girls were so excited and loved it!!
I'm so glad we got to share this special moment with my brother and sister xox

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Setting up for the Silly Season :o)

This afternoon Hubby & I with Loo, Moo & Boo in tow started putting up lights on our carport... I'm calling it phase 1 of our outdoor Xmas decorating :o) Loo was walking around passing out the gutter clips to hubby and feeding them to his back pocket when he wasn't ready for more lol. We left up last years dull multi-coloured fairy lights and added some Blue icicle lights, the darker the night got the more fantastic they looked.
We gave the girls a bath and let them play while waiting for it to get dark... and when the girls came out and saw how magical our tree looked and got a glimpse of the lights outside, they went NUTS!!

So when they were all dressed and had a little dance we took them out the front to look at our new lights :o))

They thought they were FANTASTIC, and truly they are, anything is really. Just something small that makes a huge difference, feels special and builds Christmas Spirit....
I can't wait to finish our cutouts and put them out the front with our new red rope lights..... seeing the smiles on our little angels faces is the sweetest thing and makes my heart sing :o)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Putting up the tree 2010

Step by step, the assembly of our new Xmas tree:o) We need more Xmas ornaments, but they will have to come later, updating the Xmas look and starting from scratch is a tad costly, but we will be able to stock up at the end of season sales. We couldn't last until the weekend to put our new tree up, Loo, Moo & Boo all helped and had fun doing so :o)

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Project with my girls :o)

The girls and I went and picked out some glass bottles from 'Trash Converters' and cleaned them up. The girls pointed out which roses I should cut for our new vases, picked out coloured water for each bottle and the rose arrangement. We had fun and are very proud of our finished product :o)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Cut-out - No2

Here is the 2nd cutout, it's not quite complete - just waiting on some supplies :o) Pretty happy with how this turned out! Mum also finished off our 2 Snow White Boomers today, I will have to get a photo next time I go over to paint. I have started on my 3rd cutout today, but it wasn't yet photo worthy...... so stay tuned ;o)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christmas Cut-out

The 1st of 6 cut-outs for Christmas, Dora lifting Boots to put the star on the tree. Far from perfect but our girls love it :0)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Boo & Moo off at Orientation...

We had an Orientation Day last week at he school where Boo & Moo start Kindy next year, it was a nice morning where the girls met their buddies and went off to explore the school and us parents were given a presentation providing us with 'hopefully' all the information we will need to get started. We were able to buy the uniforms, I got the girls 3 shirts and 3 skorts each and a nice Jacket, We had Moo try hers on and took photos as soon as we got home - too exciting!!

Today we walked Boo and Moo back to the school for an Orientation Play day where they join this years kindy kids for the morning and stay for crunch & sip... I was so proud, excited, scared and anxious for my girls today and can't wait to go collect them in under an hour to see how they went.... My little princesses are growing up so fast!!

Loo's bad night habbit...

Every time I think we are coming to an end of Loo's bad sleeping/waking habits we have another shocker. Tonight she woke up at 10.30 and kept asking for something I couldn't quite get, I'm pretty sure she was asking for a bath. I tried calming her several times before offering her another bottle, and then she kept asking for a drink and has had a full bottle of water.... despite my best efforts I couldn't get her to stay in bed and gave up and brought her into bed with me. After an hour of her tossing, turning, talking and fidgeting she finally fell asleep and by then of course - I couldn't!
But I found myself at peace watching her little tummy rise and fall with each deep sleeping breath. Adoring her peaceful face with her bow lips slightly parted, arms above her head.... I find it beautiful that not even a full on draining day and evening can take away from her peace, innocents or the love that I feel for her or any of my girls. So thankful for these small, beautiful and powerful moments in time ❤

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

❤ Magical Moo ❤

After being taught by Boo what to do, Moo was unstoppable!! With the biggest giggles, hair everywhere and difficulty keeping her head up Moo loved spinning on the swing :o)

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❤ Beautiful Boo ❤

Boo having a ball outside! I watched as she discovered twisting her swing up and the thrill of spinning undone. Her giggles were infectious and it was so much fun to watch :o)

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❤ Loving Loo ❤

Loo outside enjoying the overcast morning with Mumma & Sissy's

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Doing it for the kids :o)

I have decided to follow in the footsteps of my Bestie and dedicate a blog to my kids and parenthood, a place to record the smiles, laughter, tears and milestones of my precious gems :o)

I have my blog where I am constantly whinging and whining about everything and it didn't seem fair to have my girls magical moments lost in all that drama, chaos and moaning.

So here I, half sit - half lay, with my growth - Loo who has been a permanent fixture on my being since becoming sick last week, Boo sitting on the floor and a corner of a calculator fully engrossed with Playschool, and Moo who has hijacked Daddy's iPhone again and playing games in between her Playschool trances..... Washing in the corner to be folded, dishes in the sink waiting to be washed and dishwater going cold while I sip on a cup of tea and blog :o) Priorities... I have them, they just aren't the same as other people/Mumma's lol

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