Friday, November 12, 2010

Loo's bad night habbit...

Every time I think we are coming to an end of Loo's bad sleeping/waking habits we have another shocker. Tonight she woke up at 10.30 and kept asking for something I couldn't quite get, I'm pretty sure she was asking for a bath. I tried calming her several times before offering her another bottle, and then she kept asking for a drink and has had a full bottle of water.... despite my best efforts I couldn't get her to stay in bed and gave up and brought her into bed with me. After an hour of her tossing, turning, talking and fidgeting she finally fell asleep and by then of course - I couldn't!
But I found myself at peace watching her little tummy rise and fall with each deep sleeping breath. Adoring her peaceful face with her bow lips slightly parted, arms above her head.... I find it beautiful that not even a full on draining day and evening can take away from her peace, innocents or the love that I feel for her or any of my girls. So thankful for these small, beautiful and powerful moments in time ❤

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