Friday, November 12, 2010

Boo & Moo off at Orientation...

We had an Orientation Day last week at he school where Boo & Moo start Kindy next year, it was a nice morning where the girls met their buddies and went off to explore the school and us parents were given a presentation providing us with 'hopefully' all the information we will need to get started. We were able to buy the uniforms, I got the girls 3 shirts and 3 skorts each and a nice Jacket, We had Moo try hers on and took photos as soon as we got home - too exciting!!

Today we walked Boo and Moo back to the school for an Orientation Play day where they join this years kindy kids for the morning and stay for crunch & sip... I was so proud, excited, scared and anxious for my girls today and can't wait to go collect them in under an hour to see how they went.... My little princesses are growing up so fast!!

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