Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Setting up for the Silly Season :o)

This afternoon Hubby & I with Loo, Moo & Boo in tow started putting up lights on our carport... I'm calling it phase 1 of our outdoor Xmas decorating :o) Loo was walking around passing out the gutter clips to hubby and feeding them to his back pocket when he wasn't ready for more lol. We left up last years dull multi-coloured fairy lights and added some Blue icicle lights, the darker the night got the more fantastic they looked.
We gave the girls a bath and let them play while waiting for it to get dark... and when the girls came out and saw how magical our tree looked and got a glimpse of the lights outside, they went NUTS!!

So when they were all dressed and had a little dance we took them out the front to look at our new lights :o))

They thought they were FANTASTIC, and truly they are, anything is really. Just something small that makes a huge difference, feels special and builds Christmas Spirit....
I can't wait to finish our cutouts and put them out the front with our new red rope lights..... seeing the smiles on our little angels faces is the sweetest thing and makes my heart sing :o)

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