Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our final Christmas cutout...

Finally our Christmas cutout collection for 2010 is completed. Our last cutout - Santa's Nice List was started at my Besties house last night where we worked on it in fits of giggles into the late hours of the night while Loo was asleep in MissS's room, and Moo & Boo were asleep with MissE in her room, and MasterH did well to sleep through all the unusual noises we were all making :o)

This morning Hubby went and bought me some paint pens so that I could finish off the list..... after writing all the names in and decorated the title I thought I was finished......... but then had complaints on Facebook and had to add more names.

After adding a whole column of names, I thought the list looked better, was finished and happy with the result.... until it was pointed out that I spelled my nephew Mathew's name wrong so.....

I had to add a few more names AND I'm DONE!!
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