Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Magical Christmas.....

made all the stress and worry in the lead up, more than worth while!! I have to say having children brings you the closest you can get to the magic of Christmas since being a child yourself. My children brought me so much joy, pride and pleasure this Christmas, watching them was the greatest Christmas gift :o)

I had been waiting all night and morning until the hour was decent enough to wake the girls..... at 6.30 I couldn't hold it anymore and Hubby couldn't hold me off :o) He got up and rang the bell..... and rang the bell...... and rang the bell until finally I went in to check on them!! They were awake but too scared to come out in case Santa was still here :o)) Once they saw me and made sure Santa was on his way back to the North Pole the excitement began!!! The girls were thrilled to discover that Santa had drank his Milk and eaten his bikkies.... all except for a couple of corners.... which Loo felt she would help finish what she started lol and popped the bikkies in her mouth!!

Boo & Moo made Mummy check the reindeer plate and bowl...... just in case Santa was lingering hehe and LOVED seeing the mess the reindeer had made all over our driveway :o))

Next they saw the Santa sacks and stockings...... they waited for the A-O-K from Mum & Dad and then the real fun began!! The ripping and tearing, the oohhing and aahhing, the wow's and Thank you's & "This is what we asked Santa for!!!" and Boo's "Mumma this is the best Christmas ever!!!"

It's hard to believe that in all the excitement they didn't even notice these...

But as soon as they did we were outside and testing them out :o)
The girls were in awe that Santa knew they needed new bikes and were a little worried that Jazzy would be on Santa's naughty puppy list for chewing their old ones up!! 

 Soon after our ride we had Poppy, Uncle Jack & Aunty Gabby come over to join us for breakfast! Moo, Loo & Boo were extremely spoilt and received many wonderful toys for outdoor play :o) We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of Ham, Cheese & Tomato crossaints, a fruit platter and Juice. It was a very nice start to the day :o)

Before we knew it it was time to get ready to leave for Grandma & Pa's Winter Wonderland.... it was truly spectacular!! Mum had gone from not really wanting Christmas, to throwing the BEST Christmas lunch I have ever had :o) The girls once again were unbelievably lucky and we had a wonderful day with fabulous food, excellent company, love, laughter, catching up with relatives, swimming and relaxing... couldn't have asked for a better day!!

Twas the day before Christmas...

and all through our house, the children were restless and so were the spouse'......

On Christmas Eve afternoon we gave the girls their 1st present, knowing what a full day we had the next day we thought it would be best to give them something they might not get time to enjoy. So we gave Moo & Boo a Dora Laptop and Loo an age appropriate Laptop that teaches her animals and their sounds, counting, shapes and colours. It was a fantastic idea as it kept them entertained all afternoon and occupied when they 1st went to bed :o)

Mum & Dad came over around 5pm, we had a BBQ dinner, played Xmas music and watched the girls dance and watched the Carols on TV. Mum and Dad stayed to watch Santa come on the carols and to see the girls put out the bikkies & milk for Santa and the reindeer water and food. It was a really nice way to spend the evening and share the excitement of the fast approaching Christmas Day!!

We were a bit devastated that we forgot to buy or make special treats to leave out for Santa..... but that was soon overlooked when Loo snuck around the back of the couch to eat one of the 3 plain biscuits left out for Santa :o)

So bellies full of stolen bikkies, dressed in their Santa nighties, worn out with singing and dancing & equipped with laptops to help keep the building excitement at bay the girls headed to their beds.....

and Daddy went out the back to assemble the last bike, Mummy watched Carols until I was sure the kiddies were fast asleep then helped Daddy to finish the bike and fix the ribbons and cards.

Doing Santa's jobs this year was harder than last year because of the room changes we've had.... but it made it so much more exciting and challenging..... Hubby and I had to make sure we had thought of everything in our plan of attack. As usual we worked together like a well oiled machine and set up or Santa delivery and were snuggling up in bed in no time... Hubby of course snoring in minutes and I checking the time every half hour until I thought it appropriate to ring the bell and wake Loo, Moo & Boo!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

30 before 30 - revisited...

So a couple of months ago on my other blog I created a 30 things to do before I turn 30 list..... I thought I would revisit it to try and motivate and inspire myself to achieve some of this before the close of 2010!
1. Create a list of things I would like to achieve/attempt before I turn 30 

2. Buy a guitar

3. Have guitar lessons

4. lose 30kg Hmm if this was GAIN...i'd be heading in the right direction :oS

5. Got to a concert or festival

6. Enrol in a photography course

7. Buy a Pro Flickr account

8. Organise a Flapper & Gangster 30th B'day Party

9. Dress up and go to the races - hat and all!!

10. Have a romantic weekend away with Josh

11. Cook a cookbook meal once a week Thinking of picking a day and blogging what I cook to try and stick to this one...

12. Take the girls to Taronga Zoo

13. Go to Crystal Magick for Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft workshop

14. Complete my Pre-Req's and have started Diploma of Community Services Work

15. Get my Tattoo's for my girls done My present from Hubby for Xmas is a voucher towards this Yay :o)

16. Get new Pixie Portrait (or other) done of family to include Lilli  Ok I'm prob cheating here, but we ALL had to get in this years Santa Photo!! It was professional and cost $$$$ right???

17. Master my FlyLady routine and have my house running like clockwork Hmm routine NO but house is going good :o)

18. Have finances under control & Savings accounts operating as intended! Will def have to look at this AFTER Xmas!!

19. See a sunset & sunrise in WA

20. Have a girls night out

21. Drink Absynth

22. Finish the sewing project I started 3 years ago

23. Have my girls enrolled and attending dance lessons again

24. Be envolved in the girls school - canteen volunteer, reading etc

26. Make some friends, girls starting school is a good opportunity

27. Become more confident and happy in who I am as a person - not let others make me feel inferior

28. Buy supplies and learn how to face paint

29. Have people over for dinner at least once a month  So far so good :o)

30. Be the best Mum, Wife and ME I can be :o) A daily challenge!!

So 3 out of 30....I need to get My but into gear!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

This is what having 3 very sick kiddies looks like...

My Poor Boo started throwing up towards the end of our Mini Party with the Maxwell family. I thought it was just due to overindulgence on all things sweet due to our long term celebration of Loo's 2nd Birthday. But after a night of poor Boo running too the toilet to be sick, we were awoken at 3.30am to both Moo & Loo having thrown up all through their beds :o(
So this is what having 3 very sick kiddies looked like in our home at 4am yesterday..
It has been 2 very full on days of my beautiful princesses being very unwell and I'm hoping for their sakes as much as my own that they are feeling bright and happy in the morning!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 2 of Celebrations...

Keeping tradition with my Conroy heritage Lilli's Birthday turned into an all weekend event :o) For lunch we had Poppy with Aunty Gab and Uncle Jack come over and join us for nibblies, sausage sizzle and cake. Moo, Boo & Loo love having the company of Aunty Gab and Uncle Jack!! They always have soooo much fun and all we can hear is laughter - I love it!!

Loo received a beautiful dress, a skirt and top set and Violet the Puppy (Leap Frog), she loved her Dora card just as much as she did the rest of the prezzie lol and was getting much better at ripping into her presents!!

Posted by Picasa After nap time our beautiful 2nd Family came to visit, we had a mini party and it was wonderful!! Loo was very lucky and got a beautiful Dora Dress picked out by MissE, and a gorgeous Fairies Tea set :o) Her card was absolutely adorable and took me back to my own childhood Birthdays & the Holly Hobby days.
I think everyone's favourite part of the evening was the CAKE! They all took turns at blowing the candles out and by the end Loo was fantastic at it :o) After the candles were done they all stood around me and picked at the smarties and icing... they were so adorable and funny to watch! I love when our two little families are together, there are always very special moments ❤

❤ Loo's 2nd Birthday ❤

Loo woke up at 6.30 and was grizzly.....until she witnessed Mamma's excitement of her Birthday!! She was soon smiling as she realised all eyes, attention and wishes were on her :o)

First we gave her her ATV, which she immediately hopped on and started riding. Next she opened her 'Piglet The Movie' Book and she had a flick through. She sat on her Fairies Desk that she got from Uncle Franky and we could tell she was happy to finally have one like her big sissy's, and also her My Little Pony Pillow just like Sissy's as well!!

Moo and Boo helped her to unwrap her other two presents.... A baby doll whom she loved and kissed and 'cuggled' and then put in the trailer of her ATV and took for a drive :o) Next they helped her with the Letter Box, and they all sat and played with it for about half hour before breakfast.

We went and took Moo & Boo to school and when we got home we set Loo up with her new desk doing some colouring in with Dadda, while Mumma sat beside her and wrote out Xmas Cards... She was having so much fun with her OWN desk and her OWN textas and her OWN colouring in :o) She was learning all her colours when picking out the textas and learnt a new phrase "oopadaisy" everytime she dropped a texta or lid.

Dadda took Loo for a walk to deliver cards to some of our neighbours, and when they got back there was a little party lunch set up for just us 3, Twisties, Fairy Bread and Watermelon.... Loo was so excited and said "Thank you Mumma" as soon as she walked in the door :o)

Later that afternoon we went to Fair Play Cafe to have dinner with Grandma, Pa, GGrandma & GGrandad. The girls almost had the whole place to themselves and had a blast and some yummy ice-cream B'Day cake for Loo :o)

Loo got a Pinkie Pie Soft My Little Pony Baby, a beautiful blue princess dress, a lovely top and some silky PJ's!! One very lucky and loved little girl :o)

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Loo turning two...

I can't believe my baby girl turns two in just a few short hours!! My, my is she growing up very fast!!

This photo is taken of Loo at the School Xmas Carols we went to tonight, we had a lovely time!! There was Face painting, tattoos, Glow Necklaces, Food, Drinks, Singing and my girls Performing :o)
Love you my baby no more, but always in Mumma's heart xoxo

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Christmas Display...

I can't believe that in all the excitement I forgot to post our finished product!! Here is what all of our hard work on the Christmas Cut-outs has come together like...

We have had quite a few cars stopping by and families walking past with kiddies checking the list for their names. The little girl across the road comes out every night to make sure we have our lights on! All in all I would say the hard work has paid off :o))

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our final Christmas cutout...

Finally our Christmas cutout collection for 2010 is completed. Our last cutout - Santa's Nice List was started at my Besties house last night where we worked on it in fits of giggles into the late hours of the night while Loo was asleep in MissS's room, and Moo & Boo were asleep with MissE in her room, and MasterH did well to sleep through all the unusual noises we were all making :o)

This morning Hubby went and bought me some paint pens so that I could finish off the list..... after writing all the names in and decorated the title I thought I was finished......... but then had complaints on Facebook and had to add more names.

After adding a whole column of names, I thought the list looked better, was finished and happy with the result.... until it was pointed out that I spelled my nephew Mathew's name wrong so.....

I had to add a few more names AND I'm DONE!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Christmas Cut-out - No3, 4, 5 & 6

Can't believe I forgot to put the other cut-outs on here!!
Aussie Santa... yes he has 2 left feet lol!
 The Sleigh...
 and 2 white Boomers :o)
Just have to do Santa's Scroll - Naughty or Nice list and we're finished :o)

Uncle Jack's Formal...

We took Moo, Boo & Loo into King Edward Park to get pics of My Baby Brother with his mates for his Yr10 Formal. The girls were so excited and loved it!!
I'm so glad we got to share this special moment with my brother and sister xox

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Setting up for the Silly Season :o)

This afternoon Hubby & I with Loo, Moo & Boo in tow started putting up lights on our carport... I'm calling it phase 1 of our outdoor Xmas decorating :o) Loo was walking around passing out the gutter clips to hubby and feeding them to his back pocket when he wasn't ready for more lol. We left up last years dull multi-coloured fairy lights and added some Blue icicle lights, the darker the night got the more fantastic they looked.
We gave the girls a bath and let them play while waiting for it to get dark... and when the girls came out and saw how magical our tree looked and got a glimpse of the lights outside, they went NUTS!!

So when they were all dressed and had a little dance we took them out the front to look at our new lights :o))

They thought they were FANTASTIC, and truly they are, anything is really. Just something small that makes a huge difference, feels special and builds Christmas Spirit....
I can't wait to finish our cutouts and put them out the front with our new red rope lights..... seeing the smiles on our little angels faces is the sweetest thing and makes my heart sing :o)

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