Friday, December 31, 2010

Twas the day before Christmas...

and all through our house, the children were restless and so were the spouse'......

On Christmas Eve afternoon we gave the girls their 1st present, knowing what a full day we had the next day we thought it would be best to give them something they might not get time to enjoy. So we gave Moo & Boo a Dora Laptop and Loo an age appropriate Laptop that teaches her animals and their sounds, counting, shapes and colours. It was a fantastic idea as it kept them entertained all afternoon and occupied when they 1st went to bed :o)

Mum & Dad came over around 5pm, we had a BBQ dinner, played Xmas music and watched the girls dance and watched the Carols on TV. Mum and Dad stayed to watch Santa come on the carols and to see the girls put out the bikkies & milk for Santa and the reindeer water and food. It was a really nice way to spend the evening and share the excitement of the fast approaching Christmas Day!!

We were a bit devastated that we forgot to buy or make special treats to leave out for Santa..... but that was soon overlooked when Loo snuck around the back of the couch to eat one of the 3 plain biscuits left out for Santa :o)

So bellies full of stolen bikkies, dressed in their Santa nighties, worn out with singing and dancing & equipped with laptops to help keep the building excitement at bay the girls headed to their beds.....

and Daddy went out the back to assemble the last bike, Mummy watched Carols until I was sure the kiddies were fast asleep then helped Daddy to finish the bike and fix the ribbons and cards.

Doing Santa's jobs this year was harder than last year because of the room changes we've had.... but it made it so much more exciting and challenging..... Hubby and I had to make sure we had thought of everything in our plan of attack. As usual we worked together like a well oiled machine and set up or Santa delivery and were snuggling up in bed in no time... Hubby of course snoring in minutes and I checking the time every half hour until I thought it appropriate to ring the bell and wake Loo, Moo & Boo!!
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