Sunday, December 12, 2010

❤ Loo's 2nd Birthday ❤

Loo woke up at 6.30 and was grizzly.....until she witnessed Mamma's excitement of her Birthday!! She was soon smiling as she realised all eyes, attention and wishes were on her :o)

First we gave her her ATV, which she immediately hopped on and started riding. Next she opened her 'Piglet The Movie' Book and she had a flick through. She sat on her Fairies Desk that she got from Uncle Franky and we could tell she was happy to finally have one like her big sissy's, and also her My Little Pony Pillow just like Sissy's as well!!

Moo and Boo helped her to unwrap her other two presents.... A baby doll whom she loved and kissed and 'cuggled' and then put in the trailer of her ATV and took for a drive :o) Next they helped her with the Letter Box, and they all sat and played with it for about half hour before breakfast.

We went and took Moo & Boo to school and when we got home we set Loo up with her new desk doing some colouring in with Dadda, while Mumma sat beside her and wrote out Xmas Cards... She was having so much fun with her OWN desk and her OWN textas and her OWN colouring in :o) She was learning all her colours when picking out the textas and learnt a new phrase "oopadaisy" everytime she dropped a texta or lid.

Dadda took Loo for a walk to deliver cards to some of our neighbours, and when they got back there was a little party lunch set up for just us 3, Twisties, Fairy Bread and Watermelon.... Loo was so excited and said "Thank you Mumma" as soon as she walked in the door :o)

Later that afternoon we went to Fair Play Cafe to have dinner with Grandma, Pa, GGrandma & GGrandad. The girls almost had the whole place to themselves and had a blast and some yummy ice-cream B'Day cake for Loo :o)

Loo got a Pinkie Pie Soft My Little Pony Baby, a beautiful blue princess dress, a lovely top and some silky PJ's!! One very lucky and loved little girl :o)

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