Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Magical Christmas.....

made all the stress and worry in the lead up, more than worth while!! I have to say having children brings you the closest you can get to the magic of Christmas since being a child yourself. My children brought me so much joy, pride and pleasure this Christmas, watching them was the greatest Christmas gift :o)

I had been waiting all night and morning until the hour was decent enough to wake the girls..... at 6.30 I couldn't hold it anymore and Hubby couldn't hold me off :o) He got up and rang the bell..... and rang the bell...... and rang the bell until finally I went in to check on them!! They were awake but too scared to come out in case Santa was still here :o)) Once they saw me and made sure Santa was on his way back to the North Pole the excitement began!!! The girls were thrilled to discover that Santa had drank his Milk and eaten his bikkies.... all except for a couple of corners.... which Loo felt she would help finish what she started lol and popped the bikkies in her mouth!!

Boo & Moo made Mummy check the reindeer plate and bowl...... just in case Santa was lingering hehe and LOVED seeing the mess the reindeer had made all over our driveway :o))

Next they saw the Santa sacks and stockings...... they waited for the A-O-K from Mum & Dad and then the real fun began!! The ripping and tearing, the oohhing and aahhing, the wow's and Thank you's & "This is what we asked Santa for!!!" and Boo's "Mumma this is the best Christmas ever!!!"

It's hard to believe that in all the excitement they didn't even notice these...

But as soon as they did we were outside and testing them out :o)
The girls were in awe that Santa knew they needed new bikes and were a little worried that Jazzy would be on Santa's naughty puppy list for chewing their old ones up!! 

 Soon after our ride we had Poppy, Uncle Jack & Aunty Gabby come over to join us for breakfast! Moo, Loo & Boo were extremely spoilt and received many wonderful toys for outdoor play :o) We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of Ham, Cheese & Tomato crossaints, a fruit platter and Juice. It was a very nice start to the day :o)

Before we knew it it was time to get ready to leave for Grandma & Pa's Winter Wonderland.... it was truly spectacular!! Mum had gone from not really wanting Christmas, to throwing the BEST Christmas lunch I have ever had :o) The girls once again were unbelievably lucky and we had a wonderful day with fabulous food, excellent company, love, laughter, catching up with relatives, swimming and relaxing... couldn't have asked for a better day!!

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