Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Woodi,

In you I found my other half.....

Seven years ago to the day, we had a beautiful wedding. And to this day it still remains the most magical day of my life. If someone had of told me then, that I would love you more in seven years than I did in the moment we became 'Mr & Mrs'..... I would have told them it was impossible! I believed that my heart couldn't possibly love someone more than I loved you in that moment.

I was so very wrong, and have never been happier to be wrong. My Love for you has blossomed and bloomed one thousand times over since we married. My heart forever growing to hold all the new ways in which I love you. And I now know, that as impossible as it seems, my love and heart will continue to swell in all our years together.

Seven years ago was the start of a new life together and the beginning of a family, the gifts that our marriage has given me are endless and I will forever be thankful for you and all you give me in this life. Thank you for the past seven years of loving marriage, for all the magic you have poured into my soul, for standing by me in my times of struggle and celebrating my victories.

I look forward to many more years, beautiful moments and memories together, I know that with you by my side I can make it through the darkest of storms and there will always be light and magic in my life. We are one, for in you I found my other half.

Yours in love,

Traci xoxox

"May we always find shelter in one another's arms. May we always find warmth in one another's touch. May we always find love in one another's heart." Authour unknown.
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