Monday, June 4, 2012

Wedding rings and other things

To me my wedding rings are a symbol and display of my commitment to my husband, our marriage and the love we share. My husband shares the same belief and doesn't understand why some people choose not to wear them simply because they don't want to.

Up until the last two years, you can count on one hand the number of times my rings left my finger and these were due to re-sizing and surgery. In the past 2 years I have developed extremely bad contact dermatitis under my rings. I would wear them until it felt like my finger was about to explode and then air it out for a day or two before replacing them and starting the vicious cycle all over again. I hate not wearing my ring, I feel bare and almost fake without it.

Woodi works operating heavy machinery and due to safety requirements he must take them off before entering his workplace. At first Woodi would diligently put his rings (I say rings as Woodi thought it was only fair that he got a wedding and engagement band also :) on as soon as his week of working was through, but as time got on he would find himself forgetting more and more. He would be so happy when he remembered and got a full weekends wear out of them. Woodi had mentioned to me quite a bit that he would like to get his wedding band tattooed on so he would never have to take it off or forget to put it back on.

For our 7th wedding Anniversary I booked him in to get his ring finger done and thought what better gift to him than to get my commitment to him tattooed also.

Instead of wedding bands we decided to get each others initial, and I love them.

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