Thursday, May 23, 2013

Magical skies.....

I have always loved the sky, I am mesmerised by it. Whether it be the sun coming up from behind the mountains (a rare thing for me to be awake to see it).... or going down behind them, I am in awe of the beautiful display of colours that constantly change the sky and make it look like a different picture from one minute to the next. The sky doesn't just capture my rapt attention during sunsets and sunrises though! It can be a miserable day with the storm clouds rolling in, a spectacular rainbow once the rains have cleared, the moon in any of her phases, clouds that look like they have been painted in the sky by angels. I love the magical skies and love when I am lucky enough to be near a camera or phone to take a shot. My girls know my fascination of our colourful skies and I'll often here "Mum! You're gonna want to see this! Bring a camera!". I am tickled pink that my love of the skies are passing down to my children and they too can appreciate the beauty of her ever changing picture.

Here are some pictures from when the sky was layered in pastel purples, pinks and blues..... all my favourite hues :)

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