Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Friday ~ CMC ROCKS THE HUNTER 2013

Back in March Woodi and I went to our 2nd CMC Rocks the Hunter, we had such a blast the year before and booked my parents in to have the kids again straight away! This year we had our friends Kim and James join the four of us (Stacey, Aaron, Woodi and I) that went last year.

Two days before we left Stacey found out that she had won 2 VIP passes to the CMC Music Awards held the first night and she asked me to join her..... Drinks, Canap├ęs, Mingling with the Artists and watching the awards....WOW.... Yeah ok, I guess ;)

We dropped the kids at my parents on Thursday night, and were all packed up for the 6am meet at house the next morning. Without the kids there and no real close neighbours we put CMC on TV and were all pumped getting ready and waiting for our friends to join us.

We got to Hope Estate pretty early, beating the mad rush we experienced the year before, picked the ideal camp spot (knowing the lay of the land from the year before) and set up what we think was the best site there :)  After a bite to eat we grabbed some drinks and headed on down to the festival grounds and marked our spot for the weekend.

Stacey and I went to the awards night later that afternoon, enjoyed the wine and nibbles and were a bit awe struck by all the artists right there in the room with us... Just casually standing around, drinking, chatting, getting photos with people... It was amazing. We decided to get in on the photo action and then stood right up front to watch the music Awards.

After the Awards we went back down the hill to join our group on the grass watching the performances on the Main and OzArtist stages. It is wonderful sitting/standing amongst a massive crowd of laid back people all there to listen to and enjoy the same music as you, while the artists are up on stage playing their hearts out to the masses spread out on the hill of Hope Estate. Their music travelling across the wide expanse of land, and fading into the surrounding mountains as the sun goes down behind them and the stars start to dot and dazzle the sky.....Beautiful, my kind of festival :)

We had an amazing weekend, Monday came around and whilst we were all looking forward to seeing our kidlets again decided that we were on again for next year and it couldn't come around soon enough. Can't wait for CMC ROCKS THE HUNTER 2014, my parents are already booked :)

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