Friday, March 21, 2014

A crazy day in the life of this Moodi Mumma....

Yesterday was one of those days where you wake up dreading it from the get go. Actually I probably went to sleep dreading it. You see Hubby is on afternoon shift, I'm sick as a dog and the kidlets have their school Disco on this evening.
Hubby got the kids off to school despite being sick himself and working his 3rd 12 hour shift, which was a huge blessing as I had been up sick all night. After doing the normal mundane housewifely chores, Hubby and I headed off to the Dr. It turns out amongst other things I'm fighting a chest infection and tonsillitis and have been for over a week.. So armed with antibiotics I kissed Hubby farewell and headed home for the afternoon school pick-up.
As usual the school decided to give short notice on the theme for the Disco, so once I picked up Moo, Boo and Loo we headed to Target to see if we could find any red clothes at their clearance sale. We were out of luck, and instead of scouring other stores for red clothes I decided that their Christmas shirts will have to suffice! Luckily the girls put up no fight on this decision :)
We then called into Coles to buy provisions on an easy meal to make in amongst the evenings madness (although I really shouldn't have bothered as we didn't have time), and to pull out the cash for the disco..... $4.00 each!!! At the girls last school the disco was a gold coin!! We then raced home, got the girls dressed and ready for the Disco.
We took Loo first as being in Kindy her Disco was from 5-6pm, the twins have just gone up a stage being in year 3 and their Disco was from 6.15 - 7.30, pain in my backside!! We stayed for a little while to get Loo settled in and make sure she had some friends to leave her with. It was really stressful as it is her 1st time and I really didn't want to leave her there, BUT we had to go pick up SL from Daycare before they closed at 5.30. Not wanting to deal with SL being tired and cranky after school and dragging him from pillar to post, I decided to leave him there as late as possible. In hind sight had I picked him up as normal, I would have been able to stay for Loo and prevent a LOT of dicking around!!
We picked up SL with the intention to head straight back to the Disco and stay until the twins went in..... But Moo realised she left her Disco money on the bench at home thinking we were coming back. This also made me realise we had run out of time for the twins to have dinner before their Disco, and the ever hungry SL was constantly asking me "What's for dinner Mum?".
SO after collecting the money we raced to McDonalds where I got the kids a burger each and raced back to the School in time to collect Loo! It was now that we realised that SL didn't have a nappy on but undies due to a good day of toilet training at school - High 5 SL - so the twins took him to the toilet before we left them to their Disco.

I now had an hour before needing to come back and collect the twins and decided to get Loo dinner at McDonalds and give her and SL a play rather than going back home. I thought this was a much more relaxing and clever option than going home, only to head back out again 30 min later.
WELL.... SL had different plans and despite my taking him to the toilet again only moments before.... decided to do a lovely runny poop in his pants whilst playing in the Maccas playground! Oh the joy! So now with 20 min until the twins pick-up time I had to race home anyway, clean up and completely change SL before racing back to collect the twins!!!
Needless to say the kidlets completely unaware of the challenge the afternoon/evening was for their sick Mumma, had an absolute blast. And despite everything that is all that really matters and why and most mums out there do what we do :)
Sunset taken amidst the madness :)
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