Saturday, March 22, 2014

Soup and sickness...

I don't know if it's just because I'm sick, but I have had the hugest craving for chicken and corn soup. Knowing that my wishes for someone to whip up the best ever chicken and corn soup and bring it to me weren't likely to be granted, I settled on making a quick and easy batch.

Now I know this recipe isn't the best ever, and that a really good soup takes a bit of work. BUT... I can tell you that this soup did the trick, quenched my cravings and made me feel just that little bit better :)

While hubby was dropping Loo of at dancing I text him through a shopping list, and being the gem he is, brought them home for me.

A BBQ chicken - I used half
1 x ltr of liquid chicken stock
1 x can corn kernals
1 x can creamed corn
1 x packet 2min nodles - I used two thirds
2 x tbl spoons of soy sauce.

Essential ingredient for me was a crispy bread stick, sliced and buttered :)

Pretty much grab a pot, pour your ingredients in (shred chicken and crush noodles 1st), put on medium heat and stir. Within 20 minutes I had a yummy soothing soup.
Thought I would share for those times when you need some yummy goodness but have little energy to make it.

Enjoy x
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