Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 reasons not to leave lunchbox unpacking until the next day!

In case you are ever tempted to leave the mundane duties of emptying the childrens lunch bags until the following morning, I thought I would share with you 5 reasons NOT to!

  1. The night of abandoned lunch bag duties is likely to be a night where you are up all night with little children who refuse to sleep in their own bed, with little sleep for all involved. This resulting in the snooze button being hit 1,2,3,4,5 several times before turning the alarm off altogether.
  2. This will be the morning when one child failed to replace the lid on the sauce container before packing it away the day before. Resulting in a sauce explosion through the lunch bag coating everything left inside.
  3. This will also be the occasion when the other child opens their yogurt at school, takes a mouthful and decides the content is no longer desirable, choosing to place it back in the lunch bag instead of the bin. This also resulting in a lunch bag explosion, this time of the yogurt variety.... oh the joy!
  4. The last two will result in the children needing to examine the damage as yet another delay tactic in not getting dressed for school. Because just what you need when up to your eyeballs in yogurt and sauce is to be fighting with your kids every-step-of-the-way to GET DRESSED!!
  5. All of the above will have you running out of time to get dressed and groomed yourself, resulting in you leaving the house in hubby's old tracky daks (cos you miss him and slept in them and your sad like that), a jacket thrown on to cover the bra-less state and hair swept up into a bun in a failed attempt to disguise your unbrushed hair! And the scenario wouldn't be complete with the argument with the above children about why we cannot walk to school this fine morning!! Umm, hello?!! Have you looked at your mother???
This experience has provided me with the wisdom, that no matter how tired and over it all you are because your husband has been away with work and the kids have been little ratbags (or whatever the situation may be) and you just want to go straight to bed..... Do not leave this "little" task for the following morning..... it's just not worth risking the above!

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