Monday, August 8, 2011

Belated Slimming Down Sunday...

Well I had a shocker last week :o( I'm disappointed to say that I didn't achieve a loss - although my pants and tops are all a little roomier. I am relieved to say though that I didn't gain any weight, meaning I didn't break my promise to myself of NEVER tipping those scales over the 100kg ever again.

The week started off well until we hit Wednesday evening, we had spent the day at a funeral and the wake into the evening. I was fantastic there, stuck to my water and protein..... but in the car on the way home the weight of everything fell on me and I caved - BIG TIME! And then of course I fell into the usual patterns of negative attitude of failure. "Oh well, I've stuffed this week up anyway so we may as well...." you can insert just about anything not good for you in there and I probably had it :o(

I know I was just being weak and using events and emotions as excuses for my bad choices! But I am owning and acknowledging and hopefully going to overcome this flaw in myself. I have decided to start this week with a 3 day detox again on the Body Trim System. For me it's a horrible time to be starting this, Woodi is away from early this morning until Wednesday afternoon on some 'Team Building' thing for work.... more like drinking, eating and having a good time if you ask me.

So this week is going to be hard for me, and such a BIG part of me was saying "It will be too hard this week, I'll just have (another) week off and start again when Woodi gets back". But I knew that this was just giving in to my weakness again and letting events be my excuses for bad choices. I have started the detox today and am willing myself to succeed, knowing if I can get through this, I will be stronger in the face of future challenges! It honestly doesn't help knowing Woodi has left 2 chocolate bars and a bottle of coke in the fridge... 2 of my hugest weaknesses right there! I know he would have been thinking it would be good for me to have something on hand for a parental meltdown moment while he is away, but I am using them as inspiration to impress him when he gets back and see's they're still there - fingers crossed!

I wish you all strength and success on your weight loss journeys this week and could really use some myself xox
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