Friday, August 19, 2011

Things I Know - Brought to us by Yay for Home...

Yay it's Friday and time for Things I know!! I missed it last week and am glad to be back!!

This week I know:

* At this moment I am supposed to be showered, getting dressed, jumping in the car and meeting my hubby at a friends place to pick him up and get some shopping done as I will be car-less from 1pm

* The above is less important than making sure I don't miss my Things I know post this week..... not sure Woodi will agree :o)

* Waking up one morning and finding wrinkles have crept in and must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY has lead to the realisation that just cleansing morning and night isn't enough.....

* The above has also led to numerous deliveries from Mr Postman and a new morning and night regime`

* It is difficult getting used to putting effort into your own appearance when all your time goes into your kids and a beauty regime` was thought to be something for models, celebrities and older (yes I'm in denial about my aging) women.

* News from my Brother in QLD has me wanting to move back..... like yesterday!

So what do you know today..... other than if I don't move my butt I'm going to have one crank hubby on my hands??
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