Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kindergarten Report Cards

As mothers/parents we are constantly under the eagle eyes of our community and peers. Our actions, lack of them and the decisions we make are under scrutiny and judgement and often by those who are closest to us.

My decision to send my girls to Kindergarten when they turned 5 in the first week of school was met mostly with support but did provide me with a few scowls and negative comments.... such as "What's the point in being a parent if you're just going to send them off to school the 1st chance you get" and "I think it's too early to be sending them to school, I won't be sending my daughter until later - when she's ready" etc, etc.

Honestly it all comes down to personal preference and the individual child. In my case I felt my girls were ready and they were soo excited to be starting school! They had been to pre-school, where through-out the year I discussed my own concerns in regards to sending them too early and perhaps holding them back a year. All through the year the twins teachers gave me the same feedback - My girls were socially and emotionally developed and ready for school and their skill levels, maturity and intelligence were matched with all the other students in their pre-school & that there would be no benefit in holding them back a year.

On the orientation day last year for Primary School, I was given the opportunity to have a one on one with the Kindy teacher both before and after to voice concerns and receive feedback. She was thrilled with the girls and said that their age was not an issue and that they were developmentally and emotionally ready to be starting school.

It was with this information that I made my decision to send the twins to school this year. And wow am I glad I did!! The reports that the girls received at half year were fantastic and the feedback received from the teachers at parent- teacher interviews and at other opportunities throughout the year have blown me away!
Moo & Boo 1st Day of Kindy

But nothing prepared me for how incredible the girls yearly report cards would be! The girls have flown through all areas of their schooling, and have exceeded the "required knowledge levels" for most areas of kindergarten study. They are commended on what wonderful people they are within the schooling community and spoken highly of by both of their teachers. These reports brought tears to my eyes and an overwhelming sense of pride to our family!

I'm glad that in the face of negativity and peer pressure I didn't fold, I reviewed all aspects of my decision and went with what felt right for me and my children, now we are all benefiting from the positive outcomes of that decision.

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