Sunday, December 11, 2011

Woodi's Work Xmas Party :o)

We are part of Woodi's work social group and the main event of the year is the Social Christmas Party. This year was held at Dizzyland. The kids eyes lit up as soon as we pulled into the carpark and then the squeals of delight and excitement started!!

I however, whilst loving the kids excitement and enthusiasm, was a little less thrilled at the sight of all the really old rides that looked like they had been removed from the carnival scene for being too old..... a century or two ago! The carny staff also looked less than friendly and enthusiastic!

Despite my hesitations though, the day was wonderful and the kids had a blast! They loved the rides and went on all of them (that were running) at least two or three times through out the day. My favourite being when our little family all boarded the dodgem cars with the girls at the steering wheel.... there was heaps of crashing and laughter :o)

It's great catching up each year with the wives and families from Woodi's workplace, and sharing such a special day together. The kids get Lollybags, and we all get a BBQ lunch, drinks, ice-creams, tokens for the clowns and carnival games. After lunch there was a dance party that was followed by the arrival of Santa with a sleigh of presents.

Loo received an electric guitar with a microphone headset for singing, the box was so big that Boo got up and helped her carry it back to Mum and Dad :o)

Boo had a little chat with Santa, got to ring his Bell and received a Zhu Zhu Pet named Bamboo with an Ice Cream Truck for it to drive.

Moo got cuddles with Santa and got to ring his bell too! Moo received a Zhu Zhu Puppy with a Chinese Take-away cart for it to pull!

The girls loved their presents and it was a great day had by all!!
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