Friday, September 2, 2011

Spring is in the Hair

I have been wanting to get my hair done for ages!!! I can't remember the last time I went to the hairdressers..... I think it was when I went to visit family in QLD last, which was this time last year! I always plan to go and budget for it and then something comes up and out the window it goes!!

Well I finally got there!! I took my print outs of style and colour I had been looking at and discussed them with the hairdresser I was assigned and I am stoked!! It was so nice to go to a salon I have never been to before and be happy with the hairdresser, my hair and the whole experience!!

The whole team was lovely, they couldn't believe how much hair I have - it's really thick but doesn't really look it! After my (1st) cut and the swept my hair into a pile it looked like enough to make a wig..... or two! Having my hair so short and light is such an amazingly freeing experience. It is so weird running my fingers through it, it feels like there's nothing really there! When it came time to colour we were a little nervous about the results because I had been dying at home using packets from the supermarket.... but hadn't done so for the last 3 months or more so I had a huge regrowth section, which makes it hard for the colour to come out even all over.
I went from being a blackish red all over to getting a full head of foils all over and my regrowth coloured to match the rest of my hair. Once it was washed, dried then straightened it was cut again  & the length went from below my shoulder blades to above my shoulders - A huge change!! And all the ladies working there were so kind and excited about the whole experience for me and loved the outcome as much as I did!!

It was so nice to spend the morning being pampered, reading magazines, having m hair played with - which I LOVE, getting m hair washed, treated and a head massage all while laying on a comfy massage lounge that also   gives out heat..... I am definitely going to try my best to keep my appointment in six weeks time mmmmm!

So I am light and fresh just like spring :o)

Here is a photo, not the greatest shot! I will have to post another when I am all dolled up and have spent an hour styling it lol
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