Thursday, September 8, 2011

We're off to the Gold Coast

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We have been planning a trip away with our next door neighbors and were tossing up between traveling to Dubbo and going to Western Plains Zoo or going North and doing the Gold Coast Theme Parks. The Gold Coast won hands down in the end and we have all been excitedly planning for the past two months. For us the Gold Coast is a wonderful choice because we will spend the weekend doing the theme park thing with the neighbors then stay on for the rest of the week to catch up with all our much greatly missed QLD family!! We also get free accommodation which has allowed us to be able to splurge on the 3 park passes for our visit.
 We leave at 4am in the morning..... provided the neighbors and our little family get out of bed and in the car on time, a mission for all of us! Our plan is to put the girls in the car in their Pj's with our fingers crossed they will go back to sleep (don't know who I'm trying to kid) and then we will have our first stop for breakky around 7.30. We were going to buy like we always do on our road trips to QLD but I decided to pack some cereal, buy some disposable bowls and spoons and a small carton of milk that will fit in our little car fridge/esky. I have bought some grapes, muesli bars, chips, lollies, poppers, cans of drink and some rolls for when we stop for lunch. Hopefully I have the food for travel covered and have saved us a considerable amount of money!
 I am almost packed (one of my least favorite jobs), the kids bags are in the car and I have their Pj's and change of clothes ready. I am just waiting for a load of washing to dry to finish off packing my clothes, as usual Woodi has left his packing for when he gets home from work tonight because it only ever takes him 5 minutes with very little thought or effort - the complete opposite to me!!
 This will be the first time in years we are driving to the Gold Coast during the day, we usually leave late afternoon so that the girls will sleep most of the way. I am hoping that the assortment of DVD's, the girls travel activity packs and the food will make the trip a relatively smooth one. I'm a bit undecided as to what to do with Loo and her potty training. She has been doing fantastic with no accidents for about a month now, and I'm wondering how much of a challenge the trip will be for her. I don't want to put a nappy on her and the potty training go backward. But I also don't want her to be devastated over any accidents, especially if the urge comes at a time we are unable to pull over.... I guess all we can do is give it a go and we'll know for the way home whether a nappy will be needed or not. one of those Huggies disposable change mats would be real handy right now!
 For Woodi and I, I have made several MP3 Cd's for the car, one is music we both enjoy, one with Josh's music and one with mine - you know the one you put on when he is sleeping so he doesn't have to put up with it and vice versa. My sister in-laws always like my travel CD's and usually copy or keep them, so it's always a fun challenge to make them with music that I think is new for them or that they will like, we'll see how I did when we get up there. Well I'm planning on taking lots of photos and having lots of fun so I can post it all here.... So excited, wish I could click my fingers and be on our way with everything successfully packed and a nice clean house to come back to!

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