Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A sluggish kind of day today...

Today hasn't been SO great, but we are still here and I'm still managing!
I had very little sleep last night and woke up with a massive headache and very little energy.
When I went to the toilet one of the wild rabbits was at our back door, so I came in and chopped up a carrot for him and threw them out. The girls and I sat on my bed and watched as he delicately nibbled on some carrot while holding it in his paws. We sat quietly and watched for about 20 minutes which helped me to get moving after.

We had breakky, made beds, got dressed, dishes and vacuuming done and still managed to make it to arts and crafts by 9 :o)

When the girls had finished painting the backs of their holders we took them to the playground to dry in the sun while the girls played.
Since we came back it's been a lazy one, with a DVD for the girls and book reading for mum and of course some more bubble blowing from all of us.
I think after nap time I will be well rested enough and we will venture out for another ride and exploration of the lagoon.
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