Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 1 of Girls and I in Harrington just us 4.

Had a great day! We started off by having bacon on toast for breakfast. We then got dressed and went shopping for supplies to see me through to payday. We did a load of washing took the girls for a ride around the park and for a play on the jumping pillow!

When we got back to the van it was lunch time, we all had sangas and then settled for some quiet time. Josh went and collected the washing and folded it before he headed back to Newi. When the girls woke up we went to the Tv room to watch today's movie - Herbie. The girls got a little bored so we went for another play on the jumping pillow and stopped and chatted with a friend from the girls school. We went back to the van and collected their bikes and went for another big ride around the park, stopping for a play at the playground.
The girls are now watching a DVD while I have started cooking dinner and gathered our things to go for a bath. So far things are productive, happy and going as planned!
I ❤ my kids & bringing the magic into their lives that they bring into mine xoxo
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