Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A wonderful start to the day :o)

I am proud as punch of my girls and myself! Last night went smoothly and the morning has been lovely! We got up had breakky, got dressed and headed to the kids arts and crafts. The girls each picked out a tealight candle holder and painted their tops.

 We will go back tomorrow morning to paint the bottom and sides.
After crafts we had a play at the playground and then went for a ride around the park. Moo is getting more confidence with each ride and Boo is blitzing it! Loo loves being pushed around on her bike and gets impatient when I stop to help one of her sissy's :o)
We are now out the front of the van, having a snack and drink, blowing bubbles and just riding in our little coldersac with some other little ones in the park!

Its now 11.40, the girls are eating lunch and watching a movie. Dinner is in the slow cooker and I am enjoying my lunch on the deck, in the shade, surrounded by nature...aaahh!
I'm so glad I made the decision to do this, the kids are happy and are having an active and fun holiday and my sole purpose is giving them exactly that.
It's not all easy but it's all manageable and makes me feel good about myself as a mum and a person in general :o)
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