Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Home Sweet Home...

I had a wonderful time away with my beautiful girls, I achieved exactly what I hoped to and came away proud of us all. After our (almost) week on our own we were joined by Hubby, my Mum and Dad. It was nice to have some additional company and of course some help with the kids - well more like the chores involved with them.

Mum and I went for walks early in the morning together - several KM's at a pace that nearly killed me - but the scenery was nice :o) We had late night games of Scrabble, went to the markets, took the girls for a ride along the break wall, relaxed and enjoyed one another.

The setting was lush, beautiful and relaxing, the company was wonderful and we had endless activities to pass the hours and days. It was sad to leave, but as always so nice to be home.

Looking forward to our next holiday already :o)

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