Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I Know

* The cost of Grocery shopping when planning to have dinner guests is HUGE.... but is far cheaper than going out to dinner or ordering in.

* It's lovely having dinner guests and getting the opportunity to try new recipes and put on a yummy spread ~ my family are picky eaters and putting out a spread for us would be wasted!

* I don't hang my washing on the line half as often as I should, but I feel so good when I do :o)

* 'Home Readers' are a great way to spend one on one time with my twins and make me so proud of each of their learning achievements

* It's not a great idea to blog while waiting for the oil to heat up in the fryer or for the kettle to boil, your cuppa to cool down etc, etc.... way too distracting!!

* As good as I am becoming at dealing with the 3 shift roster and the week of Dogwatch, I cannot wait for this week to be over! Bring on Friday!!

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