Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What's for Dinner Wednesday

This week I will try and take some photo's of the meals I have made to post with next weeks menu. I have been giving my kidlets one on one cooking time with Mumma. It was a great week to start with Hubby being on afternoon shift and me here alone for the whole dinner scenario....Not - could have planned that a little better! But it was lovely to spend some quality time with my munchkins and teaching them some useful skills too.

This week in the Woodi residence we will be having......

We are having my Little Brother, Sister and ex-Step Mother (for lack of a better description) over for dinner :o) I am going to attempt some more Jamie Oliver cooking... Killer Jerk Chicken served with a Rice & Beans dish, a refreshing chopped salad and chargrilled corn. And whilst I am tempted to make some hot  scrumptious desert I am going to make trifle again, because Woodi loved it and so will me kid sister and brother!!
Home-made Pizza and Garlic Bread - Kiddies loved making the pizza last week and it is a nice & easy and very yummy way to start off the weekend.
Roast Chicken - the Roast Chicken in a bag was a HUGE success last fortnight and a big hit with the whole family.... so naturally, we will be having it tonight mmmm with Roast vegies of course! For Roast vegies I do Pumpkin, Potato, Sweet Potato  and Carrot, I also like to serve some steamed greens.
Chilli con carne - I like to do at least one mince dish per week as it is cheap and usually easy. I have half of the ingredients for this in my cupboard already, so this will be a super cheap, easy and yummy meal for a Sunday... I like easy when Hubby is heading out for his 1st Dogwatch shift of the week just after dinner!!
Butter Chicken served with Jasmine Rice and puppodums.... I love me some Indian cuisine! This is a family favorite that we haven't had in quite a while, nothing like a good curry to warm you up! I like to add potato, potato and carrot to mine so that we have a little of the vegetable food group as well.
Pot Roast Beef & Vegies in the slow cooker - From the easy Slow cooker Cookbook. Can't get enough of slow cooker meals in winter.

To finish off our week we will be having BBQ meats and finishing off an vegies we have left in the fridge before shopping for more.

Have a great week of cooking.....
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