Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grateful for..... brought to us by Maxabella loves

Hello and Happy Saturday! Im' playing along with Maxabella loves Grateful for, won't you come and play?

This gloomy and overcast Saturday. I'm Grateful For:

♫ The sound of my 3 little girls playing so nicely together, music to my ears :o)

♫ The fact that I am still in my Pj's, in bed on my laptop after brekky in bed, Love you Woodi xox

♫ That I have someone as talented as April from A Mommy's Blog Design Studio designing my blog, can't wait for the finished product, not long now!!

♫ Another beautiful day spent with my Gran, each moment is precious and a memory to hold onto ❤

♫ Another loss on the scales this week, certainly not the loss I was hoping for, but still a loss

♫ Meeting new people and forging new friendships

Even in the worst of times and the roughest of weeks are there things to be grateful for, you just need to look for them. So what are you grateful for this week?

Grateful for you stopping by,

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