Sunday, July 10, 2011

Slimming down Sunday

Woodi and I have gone from slim, fit and fabulous over the years to severely overweight, unfit and feeling pretty lousy. I blame myself really, I feel like I have let us down and Woodi came for the ride in support and sympathy.
I eat my emotions, my anxiety, depression, stress is fed chocolate, biscuits, cake, any junk really in an attempt to make it all go away, to feel better. But I know it only makes me feel worse, fatter, unhealthier and guilty..... which of course only leads to more emotional eating.
Woodi in his attempt to be a good and supportive husband and make his (not so) little Mrs happy gives in to my ever whim and request for a little something to make me feel better after a hard day. His attempt to help me is only making me worse, and I don't at all blame him cos I wouldn't wanna face me coming home empty handed!!

So we are once again attempting to do something about it. We started Body Trim yesterday, we have tried it before but unfortunately for me a "bump" in the road is met with hands thrown in the air and a declaration of failure! The thing is we know this program works! Our brother in law lost 30kg in under 6 months, this was over a year ago and he is still looking fabulous and feeling even better!

So I thought I would put it out there for all (who are interested) to see, to spur myself on and give myself another reason to do well. Cos this time the world knows I am trying and will know if I give up on myself and will hopefully urge and encourage me not to. I find my online community so supportive and inspiring and am hoping it will make a big difference this time around.

Mostly I am doing this for myself, for my children, for a long,  healthy and happy future together.

So each Sunday I will post my figures and results of the week that was, I will be brutally honest... starting NOW.

This is really hard to put out there, but I feel I need to...

I weighed and measured myself and the crushing results were:

Weight - 105kg :o(
Height - 168cm
Thigh - 65cm
Hips - 118cm
Waist - 110cm
Chest - 117cm
Biceps - 42cm More like tuck shop's than biceps :o(

The before

Well embarrassing and very hard to put out there, but it can only get better from here.... right?
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