Friday, July 8, 2011

Things I Know - Brought to us by Yay for Home...

I know:

* Bunking all my girls together in one room, removing all toys and putting them into a "toy room" has been a huge success and has helped to restore some serenity to our home and sanity to me!

* Owning our own home seems like a whole life time away and being addicted to all these home renovation and interior design shows is just torture!!

* My Gypsy blood has been boiling and I have once again been dreaming of far away places, country towns and being closer to my QLD family.

* I have noticed the above seems to occur during or just after a bout of the blues.

* Every time I think I couldn't possibly love Woodi any more than I do, my heart and our relationship proves me wrong - and I like it <3

What do you know? Link up with Yay for home and let us know :)

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