Friday, July 29, 2011

Things I Know - brought to us by Yay for Home... Thanks to Daisy,Roo and Two :o)

This week I know:

* I have a pretty new blog and haven't been able to blog on it yet (because of me - not the blog), and this is pretty exciting!

* I am so in love with the work of April at A Mommy's Blog Design Studio and my blog design :o)

* Daisy is so lucky to have been bestowed the honor of hosting 'Things I know", and it was an awesome choice by Shae :o)

* I am loving hearing about Blogopolis and seeing the photos on Instagram, it makes me wanna go someday when my blog and I grow up ;o)

* Parent teacher Interviews aren't scary or intimidating

* Hearing " I wish I had a whole classroom of Moo's & Boo's" at the above, made this Mumma get all teary.

* I am so unbelievably proud of my amazing daughters, and have been shown I need to have more faith in my parenting and the decisions I make for my girls

* I am loving the weather today and hope this is the start of more sunny days to come :o)

What do you know this fine Friday?
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