Saturday, July 30, 2011

Slimming down Sunday

I did it! I reached my first goal in this weight loss journey, to get under 100kg! I did it!
I have not been under 100kg since towards the end of my twin pregnancy. I tipped the scales and for approx 6 years I couldn't get back.

But I am here, back in the double digits and I hope and pray I NEVER go back! 

The past two weeks have been really difficult ones and I know I haven't done half as good as I could, and my results have shown that. But despite not being in the right frame of mind or at the top of my game, I have still managed to lose each week.

This week I weighed in at 99kgs, a loss of 1.5kg on last week. I didn't manage to get my measurements this morning, the only thing I took in was that I made it under that 100kg and reached my 1st goal :o)

My next goal on this journey of mine is to reach a loss of 10kg. Wow, only 4kg to go and I have lost 10kg. I need to think of a nice little reward for myself...

Hope you all doing well!!
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