Sunday, July 17, 2011

Slimming down Sunday

Yesterday was the 1 week mark of my journey into health, fitness, weight loss and happiness. Woodi & I started  the Body trim program last Saturday and made a record of our weight and measurements, I posted mine here.

I've mentioned before that I am an emotional eater, I eat through depression, stress and anxiety. While some people find it difficult to eat during trying times... I stuff my face! I've had an extremely difficult, drama filled week and am so proud to say I have not faltered, not once :o) This for me is probably my biggest accomplishment of the week!

I also made my 1st attempt at the C25K, which I was told about by the lovely Naomi from Seven Cherubs. It is aimed at getting you from the Couch to running 5km in 9 weeks. I wasn't completely successful in my attempt - only managing to run 3 of the run sections, but I did walk the rest. So whilst I didn't do as well as I hoped I'm proud I gave it a shot and have been encouraged to keep trying because it will only get easier and I will only get better :o)

So the results of the week that was....

Weight  -   101.5kg = a loss of 3.5kg
Thigh     -   69cm = an increase of 4cm? 
Not sure if this was a result of muscle increase from running/walking?
Hips      - 116cm = a reduction of 2cm
Waist    - 106.5cm = a reduction of 3.5cm
Chest     - 112cm = a reduction of 5cm
Biceps    - 41cm = a reduction of 1cm

Overall I am really pleased with the results, and I am looking forward to another successful week to come. I have got a new battery for my pedometer so i will be able to ensure I am achieving my 10000 steps a day, which is what helps the Bodytrim program really work.

I wish all of you on this journey a successful week of weight loss!!

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