Sunday, July 24, 2011

Slimming down Sunday

This week hasn't been near as successful as I was hoping. I was planning on cracking the 100kg this week, being under 100kg and never ever looking back. But it wasn't to be. I was sure that if I didn't make this goal I would be devastated and it would probably be enough to throw in the towel!

But to tell you the truth, it just made me pissed! Pissed at myself, because seriously this program works and any disappointing results are due to something I have or haven't done!

This last week I was down, I had my monthlies and it was wet and miserable weather.... and I let each and everyone of these things beat me in some way or another.

I let the weather be excuse enough not to go out walking and let myself lay curled up on the couch feeling sorry for myself. I let my usual monthly cravings curb my eating. No, I didn't give in and buy a chocolate bar or buy take out like I normally would. But because I couldn't eat what I wanted I didn't eat much at all - for this program to work you need to eat your portions every 3 hours ATLEAST 5 times. Skipping these meals and snacks doesn't allow the program to work, I know this and still I didn't stick to it.

This week I need to:

* Keep active - atleast 10000 steps per day
* Stick to the program and eat my scheduled portions
* Drink more water

The results of the week that was:

Weight - 100.5kg = a loss of 1kg

I wasn't planning on recording my measurements every week, but found a little comfort in them this week:

Thigh - 67cm = a loss of 2cm
Hips - 116cm
Waist - 105cm = 1.5cm reduction
Chest - 110.5 = 1.5cm reduction
Biceps - 41cm

So whilst I am disappointed and kicking my but right now, it was still a loss and I know where I went wrong and that I can do better. This week I will make it under the 100kg mark!!

Wishing you all well in your weight loss journeys,
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