Monday, May 2, 2011

Eeek only a year left!!

Sitting here reflecting on how turning 29 wasn't as bad as I had built it up to be when the realization hit...."%#@$ I only have a year left (less a day now) to complete my 30 before 30 list!!!" 

So I have decided to once again revisit and see how I'm doing (crap, crap, crap)

1. Create a list of things I would like to achieve/attempt before I turn 30

2. Buy a guitar Got a guitar for my Birthday off of Hubby!

3. Have guitar lessons

4. lose 30kg Hmm if this was GAIN...i'd be heading in the right direction :oS

5. Got to a concert or festival

6. Enrol in a photography course

7. Buy a Pro Flickr account
8. Organise a Flapper & Gangster 30th B'day Party

9. Dress up and go to the races - hat and all!!

10. Have a romantic weekend away with Josh

11. Cook a cookbook meal once a week Thinking of picking a day and blogging what I cook to try and stick to this one...

12. Take the girls to Taronga Zoo

13. Go to Crystal Magick for Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft workshop

14. Complete my Pre-Req's and have started Diploma of Community Services Work

15. Get my Tattoo's for my girls done My present from Hubby for Xmas is a voucher towards this Yay :o)

16. Get new Pixie Portrait (or other) done of family to include Lilli  Ok I'm prob cheating here, but we ALL had to get in this years Santa Photo!! It was professional and cost $$$$ right???

17. Master my FlyLady routine and have my house running like clockwork Hmm routine NO but house is going good :o)

18. Have finances under control & Savings accounts operating as intended! Will def have to look at this AFTER Xmas!!

19. See a sunset & sunrise in WA

20. Have a girls night out

21. Drink Absynth

22. Finish the sewing project I started 3 years ago

23. Have my girls enrolled and attending dance lessons again The Girls are doing both Modern and Classical Ballet :o)

24. Be envolved in the girls school - canteen volunteer, reading etc I do Canteen every 2nd Thursday and assist with Structured Play every Monday afternoon :o)

26. Make some friends, girls starting school is a good opportunity

27. Become more confident and happy in who I am as a person - not let others make me feel inferior Becoming better... but not quiet there

28. Buy supplies and learn how to face paint Teaching myself with practice and a handbook

29. Have people over for dinner at least once a month  So far so good :o)

30. Be the best Mum, Wife and ME I can be :o) A daily challenge!!

SO the pink ones are the new achievements since last time.... but I still have soooo far to go! As it stands I have achieved 9 out of 30 and less than a year to achieve the other 21 eeeeek!!

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