Monday, May 16, 2011

Project at the Woodi household

During the warmer months of Spring and Summer our little family enjoy eating alfresco. We move our dining table out onto the back deck and eat our breakky, lunch and dinner. This also helped us with the expansion of the kids toy collection as we converted the dining room into a play area.

Unfortunately we were away when some really bad weather hit and left our dining setting looking like this...


Woodi and I had been talking for ages about getting the chairs recovered due to sticky little fingers and all that goes with having 3 young kids. This just took away the luxury of waiting til we were ready or had the money to spend on getting it done. AND we were in no position to go snap up a new one...

So we set out to do it ourselves, Woodi took apart one cushion so that we could make a stencil of the shape and amount of material needed. It was at this stage we realised it wasn't going to be a quick and easy job like we 1st thought.

We headed off to Spotlight and picked out some nice vinyl that would be easy to clean off those sticky little finger prints and spills. Roll in hand and 3 very tired kiddies in tow we headed home to get dinner started and kiddies to bed so we could get stuck into our not-so-little project.

We created a bit of a production line, I cut out the vinyl patterns,

 Woodi unscrewed the cushions from the seats.
He then pried up the staples and I pulled them out with pliers.

Then came the challenge of stapling the vinyl on and folding it to look neat and without wrinkles, the end result was far from perfect, but good enough for us :o)

The next challenge was to reclaim the dining area, we tossed up the idea of putting our 3 girls in the same room again and making Loo's room a play/toy room. We decided instead on a compromise, a shared space, in our little home there aren't that many options. Here is what we ended up with...

A successful Woodi household project I'd say :o)

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