Monday, May 30, 2011

Nit picking

Nothing like waking up a little late, rushing around getting the kids fed and organised for school, make the lunches, pack the bags, do one hair and then...... brushing Moo's hair I find the dreaded eggs!!

Bloody head lice!!

Teeny tiny eggs..... her hair riddled with them :o(

And so it begins... I have to get the kids to get undressed, unpack their school, get into home clothes and pack their crap away while I call the school and inform our neighbors.

As if the nits alone aren't enough in a family with 3 young girls, I have the joys of stripping the beds the only sets of flannelette sheets we own and have the mission of trying to wash and get them dried whilst it is raining and our dryer is on the blink..... freaking awesome NOT! With teeth clenched I strip the freakin beds and try to ignore the overflowing washing baskets as i stuff the linen in the machine and pray I can get it dried. Trying to ignore the huge ass basket of washing that needs folding....

 and get down to the nitty gritty! Armed with a bottle of KP and a nit comb I make my way through Moo's hair... I douse her, let it sit, rinse her then attempt to comb the eggs out..... BUT

Super fine hair + Teeny tiny eggs = nit comb not working
resulting in me having to go through strand by strand removing eggs by hand - shoot me now!!

Thankful for small mercies, Loo & Boo didn't have the dreaded "eggs" but I decided to douse and comb Boo just in case and settled for rubbing some eucalyptus oil through Loo's hair as a preventative measure.

So with the girls having rest time, you'd think I'd be folding that washing.... but instead I'm blogging and scratching my head in nit-paranoia!!

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