Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I Know - Brought to us by Yay for Home...

I have just discovered Yay for Home's  Things I Know Link-in, and all though I may not know much, am tempted to join!

So here is what I know this week:

* I Know there are some amazing blogs out there & I would love mine to be better and to be able to design mine to suit me perfectly.

* I Know that whilst I am getting better at coping with Hubby's shift work and double shifts where we don't see him for days at a time.... there will always be a breaking point. Today it was 4.10pm!

* I Know that whilst Hubby is at work of a night, I'm lucky to have my kids asleep by 9pm even if they are in bed by 7pm!

* I Know that my children showing me the new skills they've learnt at school will never cease to blow my mind.

* I Know that I will always think my children are extra smart, extra special, extra wonderful..... Just coz :o)

* I Know that whilst Loo may be able to last 2-3 hours at school in undies with no accidents, it is unlikely the same will happen at home... as I have also come to know it is not unusual for Loo to request undies, only to poo in them moments later.

* I Know that when I send Loo to care on Monday, more often than not by Wednesday she is sick followed by  Moo & Boo on Thursday & Hubby and I by Friday.... Joy!

* I Know Moo & Boo love having me volunteer at their school and I enjoy doing it for them... even if I'm not used to being on my feet most of the day and my feet and back are killing!!

* I know our dog snores as loud, if not LOUDER than my hubby.... no mean feet!

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