Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Dreaded 29..... not so dreadful!

Well I had been dreading and even putting off organisation for my Birthday this year '29'! Only one year away from the Big 3-0!!
But how could any Birthday be dreadful with such a loving little family as my own??
The day started with a sleep in followed by coffee, pancakes, kisses, cuddles, lots of smiles and prezzies in bed :o) Can't imagine a better start than that!! The girls were so excited and lavished me with loving attention, it was really beautiful & Hubby took charge of everything today to make it special.
To top off a lovely day, and to continue with a fairly new Tradition, we were joined in the afternoon by the Maxwell family. It was so nice just to sit back, chat, watch the kiddies play and spend time with one another. As always my bestie has given me a wonderful gift for my Birthday and having her family with mine is the perfect way to spend my Birthday.
I feel really blessed and am very thankful for the many gifts I have in my life! With family and friends like these '29' is a piece of cake :o)
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