Friday, May 6, 2011

Meet the NEW man in my life.....

Meet Chaser, not a great deal different to Hubby.... Snores LOUD, falls asleep at the drop of a hat and can sleep through just about ANYTHING!! Main difference I guess you could say... he has four legs and a tail.

Yep Chaser is a dog, a King Charles Cavalier, he's six and totally adorable!! He came to us through my Uncles partner who wasn't able to keep him at their new rental property..... whilst I wish we had of known exactly what we were getting into when agreeing to help out, I'm kinda glad we didn't too - cos we probably wouldn't have taken him!

What we knew was Chaser was on meds due to being a pure bred..... what we weren't told was that he's on meds for his heart and to help him breath, his meds are $160 and last him 2 months (More than my meds to keep me sane!!), every 4 repeats he needs to have a check up, various needles and the visit is usually around $250. Also he is in need of testing on his heart and exrays....also costly.

BUT what we have found is that he is such a loving and well behaved boy, the girls love him and so do Hubby and I. He has settled into our family so nicely and seems to be sooo happy to be with us - though he does go in search of a quieter room when my girls get their crazy going!! He has been trained wonderfully and thinks he's a person, he'd be in his element just to lay on you and be petted.

When we took him to the vet - because when he came to us he was all out of meds and hadn't been seen for quiet some time - the vet was impressed with what a wonderful boy he is and told us that unfortunately he would be lucky to see 8yo. So while the new man in my life is "High Maintenance" we're happy to have him in our family and just want him to have a happy and well loved final innings.

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