Thursday, May 19, 2011

Having a Moodi Mumma evening...

As I attempt to start this post I can hear the patter of little feet on my (in desperate need of a mop but I can't be stuffed) lino, followed by a little giggle as I choose to ignore it.... So i turn around to be greeted by a cheeky grin and some fluttering eye lashes, Loo (the terror) knows the way to soften Mumma's heart. BUT!! Mumma has had a long afternoon and is OVER it!!

I ask Loo '"What are you doing?" and receive the cute little "nuffiiing" and my response of , "Well you should be doing 'nothing' in bed!". Who is this person?? I sound like ...... a Moodi Mumma!! How did I bloody well get here? Making the comments I would have rolled my eyes at a few years ago!
So I pick Loo up and carry her back to bed as she screams at me "no bed....I want medicine!!", and here comes another Moodi Mumma award winning reply of "the only medicine you need is sleep!!" Uughh

Of course moments after sitting back down to blog, I hear the footsteps again and pretty much all of the above is repeated. This time with Loo's usual bed-time-delaying-tactics of demanding a "book" and then a "rink". Watching her drink her 'rink', she doesn't take her eyes off me and her eyes are glittering with mischief as she can see Mumma getting impatient. As my heart is pounding in my chest - a sure sign this Mumma is gonna lose it - I tell her "that's enough" and she just giggles behind her drink bottle and keeps sipping. Finally she hands the bottle back over and as I put it on the shelf she has the nerve to say "more!". We battle it out and I at the end of my rope give in and say "last one" (typical Mother words) and am repeated in her cutest most innocent little voice.

So I make it back to my desk and sit down to yet again hear foot steps as I whirl around ready to fire, it's Moo, informing me of her decision to go to the toilet. Holding back the venomous "Just GO then!!", I manage an "OK baby girl" which of course gives her the opening to come back in for a chat on her return!! Of course no sooner is Moo back in bed Loo is back in here and playing with my computer chair...... Aaaaggghhh so I try the whole ignoring her thing until she looks up at me with those big blue eyes and says "Mumma?? I wanna cuggle". She melts my heart a little, but I can't keep letting her know she has it over me. So picking her up I say "You can have a cuddle on the way back to bed...... No book, No Drink! Just BED!" of course she starts crying in my shoulder over the injustice of not getting a 6th book to take to bed tonight. I leave her pointing at the bookshelf and screaming "BOOK!!".

Knowing the way I left her wouldn't be the end of it, she came in yet again, I picked her straight up, cuddled her and without a word put her into bed..."rink please mum".... and of course I give in. Now content I'm sure in knowing she has yet again wound Mumma around her little finger, she is laying in her bed singing. While I on the other hand slump in my chair at the realisation that I haven't even managed to blog about what I came in here to and have spent a whole post dribbling on with my Moodi Mumma crap!!

Aaaahh Thanks to anyone who actually made it to the bottom of this post,

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