Sunday, May 8, 2011

Giving Thanks

Today I want to say THANK YOU....

Thank you for the three smiling faces that greeted me this morning ~ while I was internally grumbling for a little more sleep ~ they were so excited to smother me with love, hugs and kisses and show me the presents they were sooooo proud of picking at the school stall.

Thank you for the amazing husband who had gotten up earlier than I and held off the very eager threesome from lavishing Mumma with their excitement earlier than they did!

Thank you that I have my hubby with me, that he cares enough about me to do these little acts of love and kindness. Thank you that my hubby cares enough about those three beautiful girls who were bumbling with joy & love to wake Mumma a little earlier then she would have liked.

Thank you, my gosh, THANK YOU that I have been blessed with those 3 little princesses, so that a day like today has magic, meaning , love and excitement and I do not face pain, loss, emptiness and despair as others do on a day like today.

Thank you that I have a loving and supportive family and network. Thank you that my family open their homes and arms to all of us and provide us with a delicious lunch ~when at home, this Mumma would have been having vegemite sangas..... but hey I'm even thankful that we would have been able to have vegemite sangas~

Thank you that I still have my Mumma and Grams with me and I am not suffering their loss on a day like today, that I still have them to envelope me in their love and warmth. Thank you that I have a Mumma & Grams who love & appreciate a handmade card and wouldn't expect any more even if I could.

Thank you for a beautiful day, a beautiful family and whilst not the perfect one a beautiful, blessed and gifted life. May I also send Love, light and healing to the many others who are not as fortunate as I on a day like today and every other day.

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