Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daisy, Roo & Two: One Lovely Blog :o)

One Lovely Blog Award

Wow!!! I am absolutely stoked and almost... almost speechless!!

 I want to say a huge Thank you to Daisy from  Daisy, Roo & Two for awarding me my 1st ever blog award!! I am so glad I found Daisy on her lovely blog (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook lol), we have a lot in common & she is an amazing and 'real' writer with interesting and heartfelt posts. Please go visit her blog with lovely posts and fabulous photos of her beautiful girl Roo & Two sweet boys!!

Now the hard part... 7 Fun facts about me..... eeek!

The four people in the world most likely to drive me nuts, make my hair go grey, drive me to tears and have me whining and moaning like a Moodi Mumma.........ARE the very reason for my existence, the light in my day, the smile on my face and my inspiration to be and do better

 My heart, my soul, my world <3

2 I giggle at odd times... when I'm over-tired -  for days on end when I found out I was having twins - when I'm nervous or scared about someones reaction to something,
 ie Whilst dating, Woodi & his Twin Brother were wrestling in his bedroom. Woodi picked his twin up and kind of, sort of, by accident... but not quite, threw his brother into the wall, leaving a back sized hole! Woodi told MIL she better come look at the 'little' hole they had made, I was nervously giggling like a school girl. Turns out she was more pissed of at my 'laughing' than the hole in the wall :oS

3 I am and have forever been in awe and love with faeries and magic. I am often described as being in my own little world or off with the faeries.... and honestly what better place to be when your not really here?? I love images of faeries from the cute, sweet and innocent, to the dark, secretive and seductive. My fave fairy artist is Amy Brown, here is some of her work:

I'm obsessed, it was soooo very hard not to add them all! Images from www.amybrownart.com

4 If I were financial I would be covered in tattoos, I'm not a lover of being overly tattoo clad, but I love individual tattoos of meaning and have around 7 works I am desperately eager to have on my body.

5 I love Mexican food, Woodi proposed to me on my 21st Birthday at my fave Mexican Restaurant on the Gold Coast..... mmmm Mexican

6 I am still such a teenager at heart, loving teen books and movies and memories

7 Despite the above I feel old preferring my Flannel PJ's, cups of tea & bed-socks to getting dressed up and having a night on the town or having a backyard party in the cold

Now I get to pass on the lovely gift to 5 Lovely Bloggers:

A little Green Blog of Calm - A new blog but so lovely
Wild Hope - I'm only new to visiting this blog, but am looking forward to reading more
Butterflies and Breezes - a lovely down to earth blog
Bogue Living - funny, real, down to earth
Life As Mummy Max - My besties new blog site, previously Daddy Mummy and Kiddie Max

Thank you Daisy for the award and the experience :o)

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