Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Just like Mum did....

When I was growing up our family didn't have much money, but my parents did the best they could and my brother and I appreciated everything we got.

Things aren't a great deal different today in my little family ~ The Woodi Family ~ we don't have a great deal of money (although thanks to Woodi that is constantly improving) and my 3 girls appreciate what they get.

One of my favorite childhood memories were the rare occasions we would come home from school and Mumma had managed to buy us some new clothes (socks, jocks, pj's it didn't matter what). We would walk into our rooms to do our after-school jobs and be greeted with the new items presented neatly on our beds :o)

I had the pleasure of doing the same for Moo & Boo one day last week... I got home and layed out on the bed the new clothes and the new school lunch bag I had gotten them. I couldn't wait to pick them up from school and see if they too would be excited to find the unexpected gifts.

Moo's Bed

The girls and I got home and it took them forever to finally go into their room to put away their school bags and shoes and pick out clothes for the afternoon!! But when they did, I saw all the love and excitement I'm sure my Mumma would have. 

Boo's Bed

It was so nice to do something that for me still holds happy memories... Just like Mumma did.

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